* 1st place in the Alaska Science & Engineering Fair
*  2nd place in the Intel Science & Engineering Fair in San Jose, CA
* Grand Prize from the U.S. Armed Forces Communications & Engineering Association


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Siemens Westinghouse Science & Technology Competition Washington D.C.
Internship and Mentorship Program

Each year Envision accepts one or two outstanding high school or UAA School of Engineering students for our mentorship or internship program. Featured here is a past high school mentorship team. Currently we have a UAA Engineering student working as an intern assisting us with development of adapters for mounting OpenVision Video X-ray systems on robots, configuring a product data management system and assisting with an R&D effort to develop a next generation video X-ray system.

The students design and prototype a robotics project with help from the Envision team.

IceCrawler(tm) Rescue Robot

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Heather and Hanna with their IceCrawler(tm) prototype for rescue of people who have fallen thru the ice.

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